Retainers hold the final position of your teeth by keeping them in place for a portion or all of a 24 hour period. This gives the support structure time to settle into the new teeth positions. Given enough time the structure eventually solidifies enough to hold teeth in place. It is not unusual to wear retainers well past the first year of removal. This offers additional security that no further movement occurs after treatment has finished.

Never Pay for Retention visits

Most practices charge for the retention phase (end) of your treatment. We chose to offer complimentary after care service to our patients in retention. If you select Orinda Orthodontics for your treatment with braces or Invisalign, your follow-up retainer adjustment visits are complimentary for life. We ensure that your smile is as beautiful decades from now, as it was the day your braces come off. Charges only apply if an appliance is lost or broken and a replacement is needed. Periodic monitoring and routine adjustments are au gratis at our practice.

For additional information about the varied options for retainers or using complimentary service, visit our BOO blog.