Before and After

Orthodontic treatment can create amazing changes. We have selected just a few of our countless success stories to share with you. These before and after photos are real life treatment results within our practice. We hope these results encourage you to pursue orthodontics treatment with us.

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Deep Bite, Midline Discrepancy
Open Bite Due to Thumb Habit
Edge to Edge Bite, Missing Tooth, Midline Discrepancy
Cross Bite, Missing Teeth, Crowding
Severe Crowding
Narrow Upper Jaw, Ectopic Canines
Deep Bite with Palatal Impingement
Arch Collapse Due to Multiple Missing Teeth
Cross Bite and Open Bite
Impaction & Multiple Missing Teeth
Deep Impinging Bite, Midline Asymmetry
Surgical Orthodontic Correction of an Underbite
Severe Crowding, Recession, Canted Upper Teeth